El Escorial

It’s always nice to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city and thanks to my history professor who was OBSESSED (and I’m putting it lightly when i say ‘obsessed’) with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, I can’t escape her little voice drilling us everyday in class. Thus, to relieve myself from mental exhaustion, I spent the day at El Escorial, a getaway palace/monastery about 30 miles outside of Madrid where the royal family would go just cuz they effin’ could. Personally, I don’t understand why my house doesn’t look like this. My daddy tells me I’m a princess so where’s my GD castle!?!?Oh you know, just a hallway dedicated to how many battles the king has won and why he’s so AWESOME… conceited much?! I do say this begudgingly though because it’s actually a beautiful work of art painted directly onto the stone walls!                       Beautiful ceiling in some huge ass part of the castle.                                                  The Courtyard of Kings The front of the monastery… yeah I would totally be a monk if I could live in that!                            Inspired by a random woman taking model shots.                                                Entrance to the royal gardens

                             The tall buildings in the distance are Madrid!                                                          Soaking in the beauty that is life

  A little garden nook. Not too comfy I must say but a wonderful view. You can’t win em all I guess.

Goodbye Escorial! Thank you for your wonderful reminder that I need to go find me a prince ASAP. On a more serious note, El Escorial was a wonderful place to visit for the day and the whole trip cost under 15 euro! Another magnificent thing about this palace is that it has a Pantheon of Kings where all of the royal family from the Hapsburg and Bourbon lines are buried. It’s a tad bit eery but definitely magnificent and unfortunately I couldn’t sneak in a photo; security was breathing down my neck – no respect for personal space at all… Anyway,  I can now say that I have been able to experience the charm of this ‘little’ palace and I almost almost feel like a real princess!


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