The Spanish Life

Big city life is definitely something that takes some getting used to. I feel like I only have brief moments of free time to sit and reflect because the majority of my time is spent exploring city streets, strolling through the park with new friends, drinking the night away, and of course, taking little siestas or “naps” as we call them in English. By the way, the siestas here are AMAZING because it’s basically a country wide nap time and everything shuts down where people go home to dine with family and friends or to get a little shut eye after partying up the night.

Anyway, although I’ve been here for 3 weeks, it seems as if time has been flying by. I guess it’s true what they say about how time flies when you’re having fun. Anyway here are a few tidbits from my past 3 weeks here in Spain.Arco de la Victoria – an arc of triumph in remembrance of a battle during the Spanish Civil War. Also, the view I get to see everyday walking to school :)One of the city streets in Puerta del Sol which is in the heart of Madrid.My first legitimate jarra or jar of sangria in Spain! Deliciously refreshing!Yep… it is what you think it is. Mannequin heads on top of legs? I don’t even know and the best part is that this is the window display for a peluquería or a hair salon. Definitely the place to go to get my hair did.My all time favorite indoor/open air (does that even make sense?? lol) food market in Madrid. My friend and I got fresh papaya orange juice after eating disgusting oil-drenched cafeteria food they serve us in our dorms and it was like heaven in my mouth! Here in Spain, juice is called zumo but the Mexican in me still thinks it should be called jugo.

The Spanish kids are absolutely ADORABLE, so much so that I couldn’t resist sneaking a little photo of this girl who was outcasted from the group… I know it seems borderline pedophilic to take pictures of random kids, but trust me, once you see them, you just can’t help it.Yes, the Gasol’s are a HUGE deal… literally.

Drinking Spanish wine at a nearby bar by our residencia. “Rioja” wine comes from a region in Spain called “La Rioja” and in my humble opinion produces some of the most superb tasting wine I’ve had. The Spanish love.. and I mean LOVE their pork… what you see here is cured legs of pork where they just cut thin slices right off the leg and EAT it.Yep, you can buy your very own cured  pork leg at the supermarket.The Spanish love their pork so much that even the dogs look like pigs. What a bizarre country…This last picture I want to end the post with is a picture of the beautiful Palacio Real or the Royal Palace and the official residency for the royal family of Spain. However, it is mainly used for official ceremonies because the royal family resides in another palace somewhere in Madrid. It’s construction began in 1738 and was completed in 1892 and was built in baroque style architecture. Apparently, the interior of the palace is adorned with art by monumental artists such as Caravaggio, Francisco de Goya, and many more. After seeing this palace, I’ve come upon the realization that I don’t need to marry rich, I just need to find me a prince. Now that I have a clear mission in Spain, I feel confident in saying that I have a purpose for being here instead of finding a job in our terrible economy back home :).








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