In Loving Memory Of…

September 11 holds a special place in my heart as I’m sure it does for a lot of other people. For me, I can’t vividly remember everything that happened that day because everything seemed so surreal. It didn’t seem possible that the invincible U.S. could have been delt such a crippling blow, but sometimes life works in funny ways. The aftermath of what happened on that pivotal day is still felt today. A beast was awakened and now, too many lives have been lost and are still continuing to be lost with the flimsy excuse of “fighting terrorism”. You can’t fight a concept, only people. The violence and hatred and prejudice that has arisen from the dust of the World Trade Centers is something that has set mankind back into primitivity where violence seems to be the ONLY answer. We continually engage in threatening each other with nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction – even the word is terrifying in itself. I believe in a better world; in a world where our walls of ignorance can be teared down and all we see before us are fellow human beings rather than phenotype.

A wise and peaceful man once said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I am undoubtably blessed to have been awarded an opportunity to spend a year in a culture and nation foreign to my own, and as the days go by, I learn and I grow and I strive to be the change that I believe in. I hope that we can all believe in ourselves to change the current state of affairs even if it’s only changing the life of one person. It’s about quality and not quantity and in the end, every human life is valuable. Therefore, in loving memory of all who have sacrificed their life in some way or have had their lives sacrificed for them, let us honor these lives and run towards a better future.A beautiful pathway lined with trees in Retiro Park – Madrid, Spain



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