Madrid, Mi Amor

So, just a quick update before heading out to a little bar where my friend has befriended the waiter by the name of Hermano pronounced “Errmano” who gives us 4 glasses of wine for the price of 1! What a deal! The wine in Spain, by the way, is absolutely DELICIOUS and oh so fragrant. I drink it to quench my thirst. So far, I’m loving the Spanish siesta which is where the country as a whole takes a little breaksies during the day from 2-5pm. During this time one can either rest and spend time with family at home or nap… which is what I do and it suits me just well :)

I’ve only been here a couple of days but I feel like I’ve seen and done so much it’s a bit overwhelming but I’m LOOOOVVVINGGGG it! I can definitely see myself fitting riiiight in. Anyway, here are a few English slang translations my friends and I have come up with and I thought I’d share them just in case you might want to add a little Spanish spice into your life.

Palabra – Word

Espalda arriba – Back up!

Abajo – Down

Mi mal – My bad

And my personal favorite:

Chupa mi cacahuate izquierda – Suck my left (pea)nut

Sorry for the lack of photos but I promise MASSIVE photo update coming soon!


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