Picking Up Again

My room looks like a tornado threw up in it. That can only mean one thing…. I’m PACKING! As some of you may know, at the end of this month I will be moving to Spain for one year…holy becheesus.

A little over a year ago, I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina for about 5 months but that time, I was so dumbstruck at the fact that I was ACTUALLY going that I felt numb to any sort of sentimentality. This time around, a flood of emotions are washing over me where one minute I’m ecstatic to embark on this thrilling adventure and the next minute I feel reluctant to leave the place that is most comfortable to me. But I guess when it boils down to it, the allure of plunging myself into the unfamiliar excites me far beyond anything else. I’m such a daredevil (my horoscope tells me this so it must be true).

My currently super exciting life of absolute nothing consists of sitting in Barnes & Nobles for hours on end reading these books. It screams I’M AN AMERICAN TOURIST! ROB ME! but I’ll learn to deal.Tourist gear? Check! Shades? Check!


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