I always fall behind the trends when it comes to technology. I’ve heard of the app Instagram since last year, but it never peaked my interest until about a couple weeks ago. So what exactly aroused my desire to download this app? I have no idea to be quite honest, but whatever it was, I am immensely grateful to the workings of my inner brain because I have gone on an Instagram craze and have been taking photos of everything and anything you can imagine with this special little app.

For those of you who don’t have Iphones (I don’t know why you’re depriving yourself of happiness), Instagram is an app where you can take photos and change the look and coloring of it to make it have more of a vintage feel to it. It’s actually pretty amazing and I’m always happy with how the photos turn out so, GO BUY AN IPHONE! Anywho, here are some of the pictures I’ve been taking so far:

                                                          Laguna Beach, CA

                                                               Boat Shoes

                                                             Clever is as clever gets

                                                          Laguna Beach, CA

                                                   Chloé cateye sunglasses

                                                Rodeo Drive – Los Angeles, CA

                                                           Get in my BELLY!

                                            Banana boarding – Dana Point, CA

                                                   Mexican + Brazilian = Spicy


                                                                     Kitty Kat

                    Newport Beach, CA w/ Catalina Island far off in the distance

                                      Jewelry District – Los Angeles, CA

                                                                 Streets of LA

                          Art in the Streets exhibit at MOCA – Los Angeles, CA

Now if you aren’t itching to download this app, or buy an Iphone for that matter, then you are “loco en la cabeza”


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