Hello Summer :)

All right, I’ve done enough slacking off and neglecting my blog for the past three months. Time to whoop my lazy blogger’s a** into shape!

So, much has happened in the past three months all of which are a blur, but I have gone through a lot of soul searching and figuring out where life will take me next. I’m still in the process of fine tuning all the glitches, but I’m positive that in the end things will take its course and work out beautifully – life works funnily like that.

Anyway, I am so excited for summer; ESPECIALLY this one because I finally have a taste of freedom after my months of imprisonment to school-related duties. So far, I’ve taken a trip to my beloved city, San Francisco and met up with my sister’s close friends from Brazil who are visiting in Los Angeles. I am always floored at the generosity of these kind-hearted people who always treat me like family even though I only spent one month with them in Brazil. Anywhoo, here are some tidbits of the past three months:

I’ve been having a little bit of an obsessive relationship with french macaroons after my friend introduced them to me two years ago… may be a potential explanation for the pounds that I’ve packed on…oh well

 Wineries ftw! All of the wines at Mt. Palomar winery in Temecula, CA were exceptional. My all time favorite? The rosé: Crisp, clean, and inordinately refreshing with hints of kiwi and strawberry, I mean how can you resist?

A woman’s best frenemy. Chocolate covered strawberries from the Tanaka Farms in Irvine.

Deadmau5 at XS in Las Vegas?! Need I say more?

The life and death of me. I’m so glad to have been a part of something bigger than myself. I never thought 24 little 4 year olds could have such a profound impact on my life to humble me and remind me that the most beautiful part of life is making connections with people who challenge you to become a better person <3

I can’t believe we’ve made it… us crazy and naive freshies have made it this far to be the people we are today. You guys have been an integral part of my life to shape who I am today and for that I am infinitely indebted :)

The sticker says it all – simple, yet deep. I <3 SF.

I guess the past three months haven’t been too shabby, but I’m ready for a new chapter in my life and exciting adventures that await me as I embark on my travels. Wish me luck!


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