Hustle & Bustle

It’s borderline masochistic how much I love the airport, because I usually spend countless painful hours in uncomfortable pleather seats, waiting for my connecting flight. It’s also odd how much I love flying even though during every 10+ hour flight, I’m thinking – Dear god! I NEED to marry rich so I can fly first class. I think the allure of being in an airport and of the excruciating plane ride where you’re packed like sardines, all arises from the fact that you’ll be in a foreign place a few hours.


The minute you enter the "International" terminal of the airport, the fanciness is amplified ten-fold with high fashion brand name stores sprinkled throughout with marbled floors to enhance the fanciness of the whole international terminal experience.

Overpriced airport fruit & yogurt parfait < McDonalds $1 fruit & yogurt parfait

YES! Freshly microwaved salty block of tasteless shit, more commonly known as airplane food.

Waiting for an underground shuttle to transport me from the terminal to the baggage claim... why is Asia so much more technologically advanced than the U.S.? I guess it's true what they say about Asians being smarter than Americans :P

The accommodating nature of the Koreans has impressed me once again. For those of you who don't read Korean, this here is a set of three eyeglasses for the visually impaired. And where might you find such a thing? At the airport! If you can't see your customs declaration forms, no need to fret, just reach on over and put these bad boys on and viola! your blurry vision has been cured! Oh, but make sure you're within the age range of 50, 60, or 70 as these glasses are custom made to fit the eyes of ALL 50-70 year olds.

Home Sweet Home!

Unfortunately, my first day in Korea was marred by a burglary attempt. Luckily, I caught him on camera.

Getting ready to go to the market:

Surprisingly, in Korea, shiny metallic UGG boots do not look like a robot barfed on my feet.

This is how Koreans stay so skinny.


Beautiful sunset in Pyeongtaek, S. Korea

We finally got to the supermarket… one of the oddest supermarkets I’ve ever been to in Korea and this is why:

So in Korean, this says: 'buh geuh mah teuh" which in English would sound like: 'Bug Mart'... I'm not sure who they're trying to appeal to, but I for sure as hell do not want to shop at a supermarket with the name Bug Mart, but unfortunately, this is the only market that is walkable distance from my parents' house.

Blunt smoking Rastafarian, tenderly holding a head of broccoli in his arms...only in Bug Mart.

Banana Milk! I hate it... but every Korean and Korean American seems to love this fake ass banana flavoring infused milk.. so, I'm posting a picture of it. Fortunately for Americans, this crap can be bought at your local Korean market, such as H-Mart. Now, the same company makes fake ass strawberry flavoring infused milk... and that shit tastes delicious.

Fatty, creamy goodness of Korean ice-cream.

My favorite ice-cream in the WORLD. Mini Korean lesson: 'Gook Hwa Bbang' in English is chrysanthemum bread, which describes the shape of the ice cream. Outside: soft ice-cream cone tasting bread-like covering; inside: vanilla ice cream, thin layer of red bean, and thin piece of chewy mochi - all wrapped into perfection.

I don't know why, but Korean junk food is 10x tastier than American junk food, although I'm sure it's just as healthy :P. Korean chips are fully flavored with a perfect combination of sweet and savory that explodes like fireworks in your mouth AND, it tastes a lot less greasier than the typical American bag of chips. Some of my favorites are: Korean Sunchips, Oh! Gamja (Oh! Potato), Ggul Gwabaegi (Honey Twists)...and TONS more.

Koreans have this weird, fanatical obsession with celebrities. So to satisfy their star-cravings, all they have to do is grab a drink and tadaa! you have Lee Min Ho, star of the drama series, Boys Over Flowers. I don't get it... I mean does the drink TASTE better because it has a picture of a famous person on it? If that's the case, please plaster pictures of celebrities on my airplane food, kthanks.

So, that concludes my first day in Korea. I spent 12+ hours in transit from the United States to the Republic of Korea just to have an adventure to ‘Bug Mart’. Needless to say, it was a wonderfully interesting way to start my trip.


One thought on “Hustle & Bustle

  1. James Kang says:

    Glad to see you made it safely to Korea. Have fun!

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