Traveling is an integral part of my life. As in my life is not complete without it. I’m always planning for my next trip to somewhere, anywhere really, to break the monotony of my day to day life.

With that said, my blog was originally intended to revolve around my travels and eating experiences; therefore, I’ve decided to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) my blog because, quite frankly, I don’t need 5907348597 sections in my blog to write the same thing. So, hopefully this will be easier and less painful both for me and you.

The following are the posts I’ve written about some of the places I visited while I was in Argentina!


So, Rob’s sister Jenn and brother Dan came to visit him in Argentina. During their stay, we went to Uruguay again but this time, we went to Montevideo and Punta del Este.. apparently the gems of South America. Here are some photos I took during the trip.

cute happy little dog :)
A fish club! / School of fish
One of the beaches we stopped at while biking
There were these kiosks all over the place that sold hamburgers.. and my personal favorite “choripan” which is basically a chorizo burger all for $1USD
Here’s Jenn with a choripan YUM!
Uruguay is known for their “chivitos” which are basically sandwiches. My host dad told me if I came back from Uruguay without having eaten a chivito, he would have to kick me out. This particular chivito is known as the “chivito canadiense” or canadian chivito. It had lettuce, tomato, thin slice of steak, ham, bacon, cheese, sweet red peppers, and a hard-boiled egg all mashed in between 2 perfect pieces of bread. YUMMMY
The ONLY thing I wanted to see the whole trip in Montevideo… the concrete hand fighting its way out of the sand. Officially, it’s called “La Mano” created by a Chilean artist, Mario Irrarazabal. Basically the thing that all tourists want to see.
Dan got a little too drunk the night before.. he had nowhere to throw up in time.. so he ran 300 feet in front of us, dug like no tomorrow and threw up
The stadium where they had the first world cup game ever.
Yes, apparently they still use horse drawn buggies as a means of transportation.
The McFlurry of Uruguay.. soooo delicious it has pieces of semi-hard dulce de leche


I actually visited Uruguay twice while I was studying abroad in Buenos Aires. It’s only a short one hour boat ride from the port in BsAs and it’s relatively cheap. The first time, I went with our EAP group to renew our allotted time to be able to stay in Argentina for another 90 days. We visited Colonia, which is a small old town with not really much to do. The water surrounding Colonia is still brown because its the Rio de la Plata rather than the Atlantic Ocean. In Colonia we did the basic historical tour, ate some lunch and the most memorable part of the day was when we rode around in these old bumper car looking vehicles.. I don’t even know what they were called. Colonia was a nice breath of fresh air after having been in the polluted city for about 2 months.

Had to get to the ferry by 7…
The oldest light-house in Colonia. The physical aspect of Colonia is very pirate-esque.
Large chessboard with chess pieces made from plastic bottles
Only in Latin America would they have a mannequin with big boobs…
Rio de la Plata.. the brown of the water is not due to pollutants but the high level of silt
Tracy, Rob, Me, & Dan


So, I’ve been lagging on uploading my pictures from my time abroad in South America. But! Here are the all exclusive photos of my trip to Mendoza, the wine capitol of Argentina. I really loved taking trips outside of the city of Buenos Aires because it was a chance to see nature because the closest thing you’ll get to “nature” in BsAs are the parks or some planted trees.

Desiree, Sandra, Me, & Cate
Many of the wineries were also producers of olive products

Organic white wine
The barrels that hold the wine!
Our wacky bus driver wanted me to take a picture of him
Cechin Winery
Yummy wine tasting!
I rock-climbed with Argentina’s #2 climber; Federico Zambrano!
and there he is, in all his glory

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