Lately I feel like a person who’s drunkenly in love. The sun shines brighter, everything sparkles, I feel random spurts of giddiness, and I walk around in a hazy stupor. Now, you might assume this is because there’s some new man in my life… I wish… haha no, I’m just totally head over heels about life. I know, SOOOOO cheesy but its absolutely true. I really can’t point out a single reason as to why I feel this way but I think the core of it is just the simple fact that I’ve come to realize I only live this life once. Therefore, I should seek to maximize everything life has to offer, and like I love to say, “get my money’s worth” from life.

I feel so thankful for what I have, the people I’m surrounded by, and a family that loves me. Oftentimes, we think of these things as just obligatory, but what we don’t realize is that these things are a privilege. We could have been born into a life with only one parent, or maybe even no parents at all. We could have been born on land that is torn with internal strife. We could have been born into a life where we live every day not knowing where our next meal will come from, or if we will even survive to see tomorrow.

I know this seems depressing, but I can’t help but smile because this is the beauty of humanity. That because we realize these things, we can do something about it. I’m not saying that we should deprive our lives of happiness, but I think its so important to be conscious of a world outside of the little bubble of our own. I know I’m just one person and I have almost no power to “change the world” but, it’s like the whole butterfly effect, where one small flutter of an action can be a catalyst to massive changes. We may feel insignificant, but, really it isn’t about changing a world, but about touching a life somewhere and somehow.

Yes, I’m being uber cheesy, but I hope this can motivate some of us to really live our lives with a purpose instead of wasting it on trivial things because at the end of the day, so much of what we waste our time on amounts to nothing. I know I fall victim to this everyday but hopefully I can challenge myself everyday to strive towards some measure of self-lessness.

Anyway, what I mean to say through this whole post is that I love life because it’s a challenge that tests how much my heart can be stretched to embrace all its complexities. Cheers to that.

Taken from the NatGeo website... when I saw this photo, the first thing that popped into my head was LIIIFEEEEE


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