Happy Fat Weekend.

I always love traveling within the United States because although we are by definition ONE country, it’s amazing how different the two opposite coasts can be. For Thanksgiving break, I bought a plane ticket to Boston to visit my family and although very short, it was a very fulfilling time where I came to appreciate the little quirks that define Boston.

First off, there is a state law that forbids the sale of alcohol in markets UNLESS it is a “liquor store”. How did I find this out? Well, I got to Boston Thanksgiving morning and found out that my parents had forgot to buy some wine for the dinner.. “No biggie” I thought.. ha.. boy was I sooooo wrong. Not only does every supermarket close on Thanksgiving (unlike California, where markets stay open till about 2 in the afternoon), but of course, so do the liquor stores. But, a glimmer of hope shines in my desolate world when my mom tells me that the Korean markets are open (of course the Asians would open if it means making some money). However, my hopes were quickly dashed when my mother told me that H-Mart is not allowed to sell alcohol because they don’t have an alcohol license. Apparently, I did not understand because I asked my mom “They don’t even sell Soju??!!?”, I mean, what kind of KOREAN market doesn’t have Soju?? Those people drink Soju like it’s water! But regardless of the Koreans’ affinity for this horrendous beverage, the bottom line is that in Boston, only those with an alcohol license are permitted to sell alcohol and only liquor stores and bars, taverns, etc. are allowed this “license”. ANYWAY, it wasn’t a big deal in the end because it was more out of tradition and show to have wine for our Thanksgiving dinner but nevertheless, I have learned an interesting bit of information about Boston. Now,  if you ask me why they do this, I have no idea… truly, I am just as mystified as any other non-Boston native.

Anyway, here are some photos from Thanksgiving Day:

I finally got to see my baby niece whom I had the honor of naming, Elaine Jang. She is barely a month old... sooo tiny and cute

*Must say out loud with a ghettofabulous accent* (It adds to the overall effect) "Oh heeey!"

My nephew Daniel who carries around a little notebook that he constantly scribbles in like a mad scientist. It's full of math problems and charts of multiplication that he's made up and tries to solve...

My tummy happy

His tummy happy too... he truly loves food just as much as I do.. I swear.

Secondly, in Boston, it’s so cold that…

...you have to wear a full on face mask in order to battle the outdoors. I swear my dad is normal.

...the eggs you put in the fridge become frozen... has anyone ever seen this before?!?!?! I was so amazed...

And saving the best for last, McDonalds in Boston is even harder to resist because McGriddles are 2 for $3.. basically BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.. how on earth is this fair?!?!? I might just move out to Boston for this and settle on being a fat McDonald-aholic

Ridiculously not fair

Happiness on a tray.

The second day in Boston, I went into Downtown to spend quality time with the mother bear.

What's an excursion without a hotdog from a kiosk?


The Boston Commons



No biking!

And what’s a trip to the city without a little visit to their museum? Boston’s MFA really took me by surprise because of how great it was. My only complaint was that there was too much! Although the tickets were $17-$20 (depending on if you’re a student, senior, or a regular old adult), I would say it was a $17 very well spent. And it didn’t hurt that the surrounding area was GORGEOUS, not to mention the very nice dinner I had that day (more of which can be found on my Adventures of an Epicurious Fat Kid section of my blog).

Bonafide homemade Korean food made by my beloved mother to fuel me through the day!

The front of the MFA


a flying man at MFA (its not a real man btw)

Huntington St. in front of MFA and on my way to dinner. It looks beautiful, but feels so ugly...so cold and worse, WINDY.

pretty alleyway

The end.


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