“It’s Mexico.”

Mexico is one of those places you love to hate on. The stop signs are too small, the food gives you diarrhea, the water will probably make your behind bleed, and the list goes on. My answer to these shortcomings? “It’s Mexico”. But of course this understated country has a plethora of positive things one would never be able to have in America. For example, I don’t know about you, but $5 all you can drink is a pretty positive thing, is it not? Mexico is eclectic in its own way and supremely lovable no matter how hard you try to resist its charm.

Why WHYY??? It's Mexico...

I know it's hard to see, but look closely at how they spell "Gisele"...it's Mexico

mmm McDonald's placemats at the lobster restaurant...only in Mexico

I never knew there was a methodology to eating a snack wrap.. but now that I've seen this it's going to be playing over and over in my head every time I eat a snack wrap

what better way to complement your Mexican dinner than drinking a Manzana Lift!?!?!?!

Yes. I would risk getting kidnapped by drug lords, being drained and stuffed with drugs to eat this. YUM


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