Trendy Wendy

Apparently the United States is the last country to get the “hot fashions” straight off the runway. Well, during in my time in Buenos Aires I was given the lovely opportunity to witness a certain “fashion” trend that made me want to punch my eyeballs. I’m no fashion guru, but I do know that I would never walk around with what I have dubbed “poopy pants” on.


The pants look pretty trendy on these tall, sexy ladies, BUT on most average height-ed girls... these pants make you look like you pooped a sh*tload in your pants


Very VERY unfortunately, these pants have infiltrated into the fashion repetoires here in America.


Hmmmmmmm... the most disturbing part is, I've seen men wear these too.. I have no idea how this would make guys look any better.. but it for sure as hell does not do anything for a girl.


I hope to god I never see these pants actually being worn as popularly as it was in Argentina..


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