Golden Gate Yumminess

Whoever coined the term “Freshman 15” is a BIG FAT LIAR.. it should be called College 15 because no one ever told me I’d gain 15 pounds AFTER my freshman year -____-. With that being said, my fat self will tell you about my delicious trip to norcal (More about the actual food can be found on the Adventures of an Epicurious Fat Kid section of my blog). Basically, nothing too too eventful except for satisfying my buddha belly with San Francisco’s finest foods. I met some really great people and I am forever thankful and feel so blessed to have such amazing friends like Andrea Suh and Christina Lee! Andrea drove all the way from Davis just to see me for a couple of hours and drove me everywhere :) And Christina took a break from her busy studying schedule to show us around! And I suppose I’d have to thank my other friends… Daniel, Jo, and James for taking care of my sick ass so THANKS! I truly am so grateful to have wonderful people in my life!


My beautiful giraffe



So happy to be eating breakfast at 2pm, lol!



You can tell by james' expression that he's been really wanting this... thanks for the fat tire for breakfast...NOT



Fungus @ Ici's in Berkeley



Direct byproduct of today's digital age.. everyone looking at their phones and not looking at each other even though they're having meals "together"... haha jk texting while waiting for Jo and James... but just thought this was funny



You know you love him/her already.. I saw this cat sleeping in this position and I went from window gazing to inside the store... what good marketing haha. Sooo cute!


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