Going Green

In my attempts to be more “eco-friendly”, I took the train down to SD to greet my parents after their trip to Korea. I always loved taking the train but the stop closest to my house is 30 minutes away, and so it’s more cost effective to just drive. BUT I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and splurge a little for the sake of taking care of our dying earth.

For some reason, this trip was just the little happiness boost I needed after a long weekend. As I stepped off the train, I was greeted by a crisp, cold coastal breeze that reminded me that fall is coming soon! While waiting for my parents to come pick me up, I popped on over to the Starbucks across the street and luckily I made it just in the nick of time because it was about to close (it was only 7:20.. what kind of Starbucks closes that early??!!?). And for all of you Starbucks whores, you know that ’tis the season for the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate — a hazelnutty, vanilla-y, hot chocolate goodness all poured into one cup. I rewarded myself with a grande which I’m sure is loaded with unhealthiness; but, you know me: fat fat fat kid :) And, it didn’t hurt that a cute barista handed me my drink! Overall, my mini trip on the train and to SD left me enough “the little things” happiness to last me through the rest of the week!

The SD Union Station is beautiful! I love SD and I love salted caramel hot chocolates.. the only non-coffee option that Starbucks has going for them


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