I’m so Multi-Asian!

What can I say, I love being Asian, and here’s why:

I think the monkey's trying to seduce me.

Bottled happiness. Not only is this Thai beer crisp and refreshing, I can enjoy the company of my favorite animals: elephants. Two thumbs up!

Intelligent, thought provoking Chinese games. These are tiles from a Chinese game called "mah jong", and yes I took a picture of my winning hand because this will never happen to me ever again. I got the same suit, all triples, a "special" character, and my flower! All summing up to a grand total of 7 points (you only need 3 to win)!!! (Mind you, I am not Chinese so my knowledge and explanation of this game is HIGHLY limited and elementary).

My asian intelligence (yes, I am stereotyping) provides me with the brilliant idea to use the knife on a wine bottle opener as a screwdriver since I have no tools. Cheers to being resourceful.

My asian-ness takes pictures anytime, anyplace with no shame. I never thought America would resort to weirdly posed mannequins. I mean come on, I'm pretty sure we all know that the clothes she's wearing are for working out, aside from the huge sign on the wall saying "Sportswear". No need to distort these poor mannequins into weird yoga poses, people; imagine how much her thighs and arms burn! Mannequin abuse; it should be outlawed.


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