Couch Potatoing

This past summer, I’ve learned the beautiful new art of being lazy. The first thing to go out the door was exercising (no surprise there). But what surprised me is, I got to the point where even though I was dying of starvation, I was just too lazy to cook or even go out and buy something. Shame on me. This disgusting disease has spread to almost every aspect of my life where even when I’m chatting with people online, I’ve started to drop articles and “useless” words… so sometimes, my sentences won’t make sense, and for that I apologize.

All day, errday. Pretty much sums me up.

Anyway, yesterday I felt semi-productive and decided to make some white sangria. More information and pictures can be found in my adventures of an epicurious fat kid section of my blog. Also, you can find an update on one of my favorite breakfast places.


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