Inception II, The Sequel

So last night, I had the oddest dream. I usually don’t remember my dreams or if I do, I can usually correlate them to train of thought I might have had. But as I woke up this morning, I thought, “that was really bizarro”.

Basically, I was back in high school and I was in a psych class. My friend Bita (who I haven’t talked to in over a year) and some other classmates that I had senior year were in class the first day of school. The teacher walks up to Bita and says how excited he was to have her in the class because he’s heard a lot about her (she was an outstanding student). Then the whole class proceeded to debate about psychology and other random crap. All of a sudden, I felt really really high and I look around and no one is in their seats anymore because they’ve all gone to the front of the class to lie down and nap because they were high too. I thought to myself, WTF why are we getting high as a class, nonetheless!? Then these two Indian guys walk in and they’ve made a makeshift bong with a pen cap (is that even possible?) and Bita takes it from them, takes a puff, and hands it to me. This dream must have really been bizarre because I  was confused even in my dream to think “why the hell am I dreaming about this??”.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it.. not too exciting, but I just thought it was really random. Like where did I get the idea of using a pen cap to smoke?!!?!? I swear, our brains are truly curious entities. Or maybe, I’m being “incepted”! DUN DUN DUN!!

hahah this is pretty clever

It's funny to see that people do things like this in their free time.. i mean, REALLY??!?


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