A Hodge-y Podge-y Summer

Here are some pictures from my summer so far. I haven’t really been up to much but it’s been a fun-filled one so far. Basically all I’ve been doing is …eating! no surprise there.. hahah

Growing up as basically an only child, I really used to enjoy my alone time. Now, I’m still pretty independent but I really like being around other people, especially when we’re eating and just talking about nothing. I realized that the presence of the people I love the most is more than enough to bring me all the happiness in my life. I’m so thankful that I get to live here on Earth and experience all that life has to offer; both the ups and the downs. I think the biggest regret I can have is not doing everything I could to truly live each and everyday. Thank you friends and family for giving me the opportunity to live my life this summer :)

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

–Mae West

So, I went to Big Sur a couple weeks ago and I didn’t have a digital camera, so most of my pictures are on film. But, I did take one picture of everyone in the car…

Jin and Jo are really knocked out and Richard is faking it

Next, I went to L.A. to visit Jacklyn Yang… We didn’t do much except for eat at Urth Cafe and look around at all the homes in La Crescenta and as weird as it may seem it’s actually really fun. She also showed me a house where a girl hung herself in the beautiful french doors.. really creepy.

Blueberry cheesecake at Urth Cafe YUMMM!

Also, my sister and niece were here visiting from Brazil for about a month. In that time, I wasn’t able to spend as much time as I would have liked with them since I was taking summer school, but nonetheless I did have some good times. Most of the photos I’ll post on FB since there are a lot. But here is a photo where I went to the Cottage in La Jolla with my sister for breakfast!

French Toast and Potato Omelette.. the first time I came here was actually with my friend Henry Liu and it's funny because I don't remember what I got but I remember that he got the potato omelette and it was soooo delciioius. Basically its just egg, mashed potatoes, bacon, and cheese... but anything with bacon and cheese is delicious, no?

So, last weekend, I went down to San Diego because it was my sister and niece’s last weekend in SD. Anyway, on Sunday I met up with Richard Chung and he took me to Emerald which is a dimsum place in Convoy and later we went to this new cafe called “Cafe Hue”.

umm.. I forgot what this was called BUT it had shrimp in it... basically everything he ordered had shrimp -.-

So, we decided to come here after looking up on YELP because it had 4 stars.. and we decided to get a shaved ice but after seeing the pictures of the boba drinks we got them too...HUGE mistake.. probably the worst tasting drink I've ever had in my life.. I got a taro milk tea, and Rich got a mango green tea.. I thought mine was bad... but his was undrinkable.. so if you're ever in SD just avoid this place altogether.. the shaved ice was subpar too.

On Wednesday, I went to the OC Fair with my Japanese conversation partner, Asami, and Erica, Camille, and Robert and his cousin and cousin’s GF

As happy as I was to see the elephent, it made me so sad to see it there for entertainment purposes only.. it was trained to stop and "pose" for the cameras which made me even more sad... and to top it all off it was wearing a freakin crown of flowers... i'm pretty sure it wasn't the happiest elephant

The fair during the day!

Erica won a Kerropi doll!

a bunny that looks like a dog..

my favorite.. he's saving the piece of hay for later :)

The ferris wheel at night

MmMm ... chocolate covered bacon! and fried butter! It's...the Heart Attack Cafe!Deep fried Klondike Bar... soooo good.. it tasted like a doughnut with ice cream inside

Asami and Robert... with Trevor creepin' in the back

On Thursday, I went to Riverside to visit my friend Sandra. She lives on a farm with goats, cows, and dogs! What a life!

My favorite goat with a long ass beard.. isn't he cute?

so, ever since Erica introduced me to Sweetee Thai and other Thai food.. I couldn't get enough.. sooo we went to Table for Two, a Thai restaurant in Riverside and this dish is called Spicy Noodles.. very creative.. haha it was really delicious especially the crispy wonton pieces on top YUMM

We also went to the Mexican part of town (very close to her house hahah) to get empanada dough and.. of course to EAT! Fish tacos.. really delicious

Here is a tomato, basil, and mozarella empanada, otherwise known as a Napolitana in Argentina

We drank hard cider from Trader Joe's while we waited for the empanadas to bake

and... Voila! yummy goodness in less than 30 min... i ate 7 or more.. and had heartburn that night hahah but it was worth it

Lastly, here are some photos from my weekend in Irvine and Torrance visiting my Erica pie <3

It's nice to be 21 and wake up at 2pm to drink a beer during happy hour :)

100% vegan chili cheese fries to acompany my beer YUM

And.. to top it all off, 100% vegan Strawberry Shortcake.. probably my favorite dessert, vegan or otherwise. I'll be very sad at the end of summer when there will be Strawberry Shortcake no more.

Morning bike ride to Redondo Beach from Erica's house

Macaroons from Yellow Vase.. today they had almond, passionfruit, pistachio, coffee, rose (my favorite!), lemon, and chocolate

Going clockwise starting with the green one, we got: Pistachio, Rose, Passionfruit, and Almond <3


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