Hello, My Name Is

I guess as my first official wordpress blog upload, I’ll do an entry to introduce myself.

First, I want to say that it took me nearly 5 attempts and me giving up everytime except the last to try and figure out how wordpress works. I created this account about last year and never got around to updating because it was so confusing. I guess that’s the first sign of aging… not knowing how technology works. Anyway, I’m not really the type of person to lay out every single detail of my life on paper because, to be honest, I don’t even really know all the different aspects of myself. So, I guess this blog will help you see my though processes.. if I even do process my thoughts :P. However, I do have one concrete fact about myself, and that is that I am CLUMSY… my parents really should have named me Clumsy Jang because no matter what I’m doing, I find a way to hurt myself. My name, Hannah, is supposed to mean “graceful”, but I know for a fact that I am as far from graceful as I could be. Let me show you why.

Yesterday, I was walking to school, chatting away with my friend. As we are less then 10 minutes (walking distance) from reaching campus, a trip on the sidewalk because a piece of concrete was sticking out. I probably screamed some profanity because it hurt and I didn’t really think about it. About 2 minutes later, I look down, and there is blood oozing out of my toe and all over my sandals. Apparently, I was lucky enough, not only to stub my toe, but to rip the skin against the sharp concrete. Yay me. So I walk into Starbucks, wash my feet and shoes off and ask for a band aid and then I go to the Student Health Center to get first aid treatment.


My (not so) Beautiful Toe


They then tell me I’ve waived out of my insurance for Spring and Summer..and I realize it’s because I studied abroad… I was feeling pretty lucky at this point and then the receptionist continues saying I might need a tetanus shot and yaddah yaddah. So my friend drives me to Albertsons, we get first aid and by now, I’m an hour late to class so we get Strickland’s ice cream. Mint Chip! yummm. Finally, I get to campus, and I text my friend about how I stubbed my toe, and he replies: “It’s cuz you got them big ol tree trunks for legs”. I felt so loved. Anyway, that was probably one of the more eventful days of the summer so far and the moral of this story is don’t be clumsy like me.


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